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Some of you may already know Death Bear. Some of you may have never heard of such a creature and been fascinated by it. But chances are you click on this link because you have no idea who Death Bear is and how it might have anything to do with your job search.

So if you put up with me for a moment, I could go on a long healing journey down the bear’s den … I mean, the rabbit hole.

Who / What is the Death Bear?

Death Bear was created by a Brooklyn artist named Nathan Hill. According to Hill “Death Bear will take the things that trigger painful memories from you and hide them in his cave where they will stay forever, allowing you to move on with your life.

Give him clothes, old photos, memories, letters and so on. Death Bear is here to assist you in your moments of tragedy, heartbreak and loss. Let the Death Bear help you and absorb your pain in his cave. ”

Death Bear is also two meters tall, dressed in black, has a large black plastic bear helmet (like the creepy ones from the bad children’s shows of the 1950s), and has a big sack to deposit your bad juju. You can make an appointment with him if you live in the area.

When he arrives, no words are spoken. One ceremonially places any objects that trigger repentance or pain in his sack waiting to be placed forever in the cave of his pain. Now … what else he does with all that spit is another question.

… man, where was the Death Bear for my high school and college years?

How does this have anything to do with jobs?

Sometimes losing a job can be as traumatic or shocking as losing a loved one or a loved one. You may have been a big bear at work, but it wasn’t good enough for your company’s shrinking market. The company could have hired someone new, and you both had completely opposite personalities. In retrospect you may have realized that they let you go to minimize the bear.

Whatever the reason, it can be a terrible experience. Since you’ve been hibernating and living in your old job for so long, it may start to wear you out. You may also have things in the house that remind you of your old job.

That jar of honey you use to keep on your desk for your tea, The teddy bear you got for being the best bear customer service agent that year. The framed picture of the company’s field trip to that Chicago sports team that doesn’t need to be named, or maybe your whole house is a grimy look of old working memories.

Get out of hibernation!

Well, you don’t have to lie down and play dead. You can take a bite of all your bad memories and sink your teeth into the new dog by organizing your own death bear patch! Or call Nathan if you’re in his area.

Clean your home. Clean up your email. Clean your closet (believe me, you really needed a fashion update anyway). Take all those things and dispose of them cathartically. You can also get a friend to dress up as a Death Bear if you wish.

You could burn it (it always works for me), you could make a panda monio by ripping it with your bear hands, or you could march angrily to the garbage can and throw it in. Whatever works for you.

The whole idea of this is not to let your old job hit the paw button on your middle. Don’t let a couple of ants ruin your picnic basket. Don’t get caught up in all that negative Hala-Baloo. Throw that Pooh away!

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