5 high paying jobs, under the radar of finance

We have recently looked at what it is like to work as a financial adviser, but there is more to the world of quick finance than just financial planning. With demographic change and increased automation, several exciting new financial careers are on the rise.

Here are five high-paying, under-the-radar finance jobs.

1. Environmental accountant

If you love nature, your passion for everything green and organic could be part of your daily routine as an environmental accountant. A career in this field includes calculating the cost of environmental compliance, identifying economic and eco-friendly assets and activities, and finding new ways to benefit from waste products, and much more. Essentially, environmental accountants have an impact on a company’s environmental bottom line and footprint.

2. Insurance analyst

As you can guess from the title, insurance analysts work for insurance companies. Their main task is to complete risk assessments on individuals and companies. This is vitally important for insurance companies, but insurance analysts are also responsible for reviewing incoming insurance claims and identifying fraud.

These professionals are also in high demand from large companies buying insurance products. In such contexts, an analyst is required to identify the potential risks a company might face based on various physical factors, such as location and business activities, and recommend effective insurance products or ways to reduce risks.

3. Financial auditor

Government charges and fines for failing to comply with financial regulations can be detrimental to business, especially small and medium-sized businesses. To avoid such penalties, many companies hire financial examiners to review corporate financial procedures and identify problem areas that could lead to violations of the law. Alternatively, auditors may pursue a career in local governments, where they will be required to check the legality of financial transactions carried out by companies.

4. Machine learning specialist

The financial sector is much more prone to successful acquisition of artificial intelligence and machine learning than many other sectors. Automated processes contribute to the efficiency of the modern financial ecosystem, placing demand for machine learning experts and engineers. If you are a tech savvy person with finance knowledge, you may want to consider machine learning as a career option.

Machine learning experts belong to a large group of professionals under the umbrella of IT management; they are very knowledgeable about technologies, coding and mathematics. The main goal of a machine learning expert is to find ways to optimize software for financial operations by making it foolproof, easy to use, and fast. They develop, test and distribute technology solutions for a wide range of companies inside and outside the financial sector.

5. Investment Author

Having professional written communication skills is not the average strength of a financial industry employee. If you understand money markets and make sense with words, a career as an investment writer could be crashing.

In addition to knowledge of the financial sector, an investment writer requires a sound understanding of the public, jargon and commonly used terminology. On the other hand, this role requires someone who can present information in a way that is easy for beginners to digest, including new businesses and customers.

These are just a few of the less well-known, but high-paying jobs in the financial sector. These roles may give you the opportunity to realize your professional and personal interests, passions and strengths, so keep an open mind and explore some of these career options.


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